Turkey Tracks (Fiction)
Lizbie Brown
Dell (1996)
In Collection
Americans, Bath (England), Patchwork Quilts, Private Investigators, Widows
Paperback 9780440222583
When the Animal Liberation Front places a poster in the Martha Washington quilt shop window reading SUPPORT TURKEY'S LIB.  STOP THE SHAMEFUL SLAUGHTER, shopkeeper Elizabeth Blair is incredulous that she has been singled out.  A quick-witted widow who traded her native Turkey Creek, Virginia, for a seemingly genteel and charming English life selling patchwork quilts in Bath, Elizabeth is determined to stop ALF's ridiculous terrorist attacks and turns to her dashing private eye neighbor, Max Shepard, to help her solve this puzzle. When the local wealthy, tart-tongued, know-it-all Joanna Drew turns up murdered all leads points  to another terrorist attack.  This time, Ellizabeth is unconvinced about ALF's involvement; she joins the prestigious Wetherburn Museum of quilting, owned and run by the Drews, as a guest lecturer to see what she can discover.  As the tight Drew family stitching begins to unravel, revealing a tangled web of interrelationships, Elizabeth and Max must hold things together before Joanna's killer makes turkey tracks for them in Lizbie Brown's lethal and literate quilting mystery.  
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Dewey 813
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No. of Pages 235
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