Quilting Caveman Style and Fishing (DVD)
Ricky Tims
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Do you think instructional quilting videos are boring? Not this one! Quilting Caveman Style and Fishin' (Workshop #1), is the first in a series of entertaining video workshops produced by Ricky Tims. This DVD/VHS features one of his most requested classes and demonstrates how easy and enjoyable "Caveman Quilting" can be. The video opens with Ricky taking a leisurely fishing trip at Echo Lake in Colorado. For some unexplainable reason the fish aren't biting. Ricky decides to make better use of his time by combining his angling efforts with a bit of quilt instruction. Ricky and his alter ego, Caveman Tex, take you on a quilting journey back in time where rulers, templates and quarter inch seams are still in the future. You will learn how to cut and sew gentle, undulating curves (without pinning), by making a small tulip-like wall quilt called Chantelle. Quilters are then encouraged to use the "Caveman" technique to create their own improvisational quilts. In addition to the instructional chapters, a gallery of Ricky's "Caveman" style quilts demonstrates the variety of ways in which this free-style technique can be utilized. This whimsical, step-by-step presentation lays aside traditional techniques and explores a new alternative quilting method. The video includes animation and original music composed and performed by Ricky. The DVD offers bonus features such as a Chapter Menu for quick navigation and a Music Menu which plays music selections only. Great effort was made during production to show intricate sewing details from Ricky's point of view. The camera is placed in such a way that the viewer actually sees what Ricky sees, without having to view techniques and demonstrations upside down. Close-up shots enable quilters to explicitly see the minutest details.
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